Photo Etch Glue 25g
Photo Etch Glue 25g Photo Etch Glue 25g
£8.00 inc VAT

Deluxe Materials announces Photo Etch Glue 25g AD93

Easy & accurate application of metal etch parts  


Have you been looking for the perfect adhesive for Photo Etch?

Look no further than Deluxe Materials Photo Etch Glue. It is water based, easily spread, non-brittle and for bonding all types of photo etch to plastic and metal.

Photo Etch Glue has several advantages over ca glue; it:

  • has a long shelf life.
  • allows adjustment.
  • allows water clean-up.

A 25g bottle of Deluxe Materials Photo Etch Glue AD93 retails at £8.00.